Tutorial: Romantic Four-Layer Tulle Skirt

At one time or another, every girl wants to feel like a princess … and I’m no different. Yet only a handful of us has access to the family jewels and very few will be invited to a royal ball. But living in a big city like New York, there’s no reason that my taxi cab to the Meat Packing District on a Thursday night can’t feel like a horse-drawn carriage. I mean after all, who would Cinderella be if she didn’t have the poufy dress? Consider the following tutorial for the Romantic Four-Layer Tulle Skirt my fairy godmother gift to you. To make this skirt even more “magical” try using two different colors of tulle.

Besos! Nicole Porter
Author of “The Break-up Cookbook”

P.S. Do pair this tutorial with my tutorial for a Simple French-Seamed Lining because although I enjoy your company I don’t want to see your drawers.

Soundtrack: La Belle Et Le Bad Boy by MC Solaar

Time: Approximately 4 hours

10 yards of 54″ wide tulle
dress pins
one length of 1.5″ wide elastic (twice your waist plus 3 inches)
1 spool of matching sewing thread
sewing needle
measuring tape

1) Fold the width of your tulle in half to 27 inches. Secure the fabric with dress pins. It’s okay if it’s a little uneven. It will make your skirt look more interesting.

2. Baste a seam 3/4″ of an inch from the folded edge of your tulle gathering the hem in ruffles. Back stitch your tulle to secure the seam. If your first seam is highly gathered, your skirt’s line will be more pronounced.

3. Once your seam has been stitch, wrap your skirt around twice and secure it with straight pins. If you have difficulty finding the middle, fold the length of your skirt in half then fold one edge to the middle so you have three-quarters of the original length. Wrap the remaining fabric around your waistband then secure it with dress pins. It’s okay if your skirt looks too big. Remember it’s supposed to be big enough to fit over your head. Stitch your skirt again along the 3/4″ seam securing the folded ruffled together.

4. Complete the directions for your French Seamed Lining for a Simple Skirt.

5. Secure your tulle skirt to your French Seamed Lining for a Simple Skirt with dress pins. Sew a seam 1/2 inch from the waist line. You should notice by now that your skirt has gotten progressively smaller and should be closer to your real waist size.

6. To make your waist band, cut the length of your elastic in half. Then, sew the short edges together to form your first waistband, folding one edge over the other with about a half-inch overlap. Check to make sure that you can comfortable fit the elastic over your head.

7. Pin your elastic to the INSIDE edge of your skirt with the lower edge of your elastic covering the 1/2 inch waist line seam on the inside. Sew along the seam.

8. With your second piece of elastic, sew the short edges together in the exact same manner. Pin your elastic to the OUTSIDE edge, the part of your skirt that is visible to other people. Sew the lower edge of your elastic to the skirt and then sew the top edge to close your band.

NOTE: After a couple of wearings, the skirt should “settle” and will break the necessary threads in the waist band for the elastic. If your skirt is too “poufy” try steaming it CAREFULLY with a garment steamer staying at least one foot away from your fabric. Remember heat on man-made fabrics can cause them to melt.

CARE INSTRUCTION: Wash in cold water and line dry.

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