Six Handmade Gift Ideas This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 13th this year and there’s no better time like the present to find the perfect gift for the perfect mom in your life. For children (and hapless husbands) a huge bottle of smelly perfume or a plate of soggy french toast would suffice as a Mother’s Day gift. But what if your tastes are more sophisticated? Here are five crafty gift ideas that are perfect for the modern mom in you life.

1. A Heartfelt Token
Nothing says “I love you” like a personalized card for the mom. Try one like the card featured above from designer monkeymindesign from Denver, Colorado or a set of “Love You Mom” Pears from artist Amy Giacomelli of Sky Art.

2.Personalized Jewelry Keepsake Give mom a beautiful reminder of the love that you feel for her with a personalized jewelry keepsake like the recycled silver necklace from thebeadgirl‘s Lisa Lehmann of Grand Rapids, Michigan. From cuffs to pendant charms, Lisa can customize the perfect gift for the mom in you life.

3. Personalized Table Napkins
Mom’s make every day special. Why not give her a set of personalized napkins to make her meals special? These from of Nicole Porter in New York City are the perfect addition to any table.

4. Fragrant Bath Products
There’s nothing that moms cherish more than quiet time. Why not give your mom just that and a set of fragrant bath bombs like the ones offered by The Black Sheep Company of Clovis, California. The mom in your life will love their fragrant bath bombs and vegan soap.

5. Gourmet Sweets
Indulge mom’s sweet tooth with a tasty confection from Katie Duran of Clifton, New Jersey. I stumbled across her Etsy store, Katie’s Creative Baking and absolutely fell in LOVE with her custom colorful cookies.

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