Style File: Hollywood Regency

In 1935, the Hollywood Regency style marked the golden age of film when MGM and RKO ruled the silver screen. Audiences everywhere were enamored with Hollywood heartthrob Clark Gable, dazzled by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ dance steps, and completely smitten with little Shirley Temple. So what is Hollywood Regency style? Think ornate furnishings. Think luxury fabric. Think bright colors. Here are five key elements you should incorporate to your décor to add a touch of Hollywood Regency to your home.

1. Bright Metals
Soft golds and gilded silver accents create a feeling of glitz and glamour that are earmarks of the Hollywood Regency Style. Don’t be afraid to mix metals! From Grandfather’s old silver snuff box to a repurposed rhinestone buttons, all can be incorporated into you décor.

2. Color
Bright colors set against white are the earmark of the Hollywood Regency style. From a bold peacock blue to a bright candy apple red, don’t be afraid to mix colors and textures to create your look. Just don’t be neutral! Be sure find several ways to incorporate color into your decor. Brightly colored accent walls or accent pieces are the way to go. However, if you’re in a rental property it may be better to stay away from painting your walls in bold colors lest you have to repaint later!

3. Luxury Fabric
Not only does the Hollywood Regency style look good—it feels good too. To add a bit of touch-ability to your décor, use plush velvets, heavy damask in simple patterns, and silk dupioni for your upholstery. Have a little extra room in your budget? Cover your floors with a plush faux fur rug that makes you want to lay down and relax.

4. Dramatic, Large-Scale Art Pieces
In Hollywood Regency, large is definitely the way to go. Use a large-scale, mirror or simply colored art piece to become a focal point on your wall. If you’re crafty, you can pick up the materials at an art store like Blick Art Supplies to “class up” your thrift store find.

5. Shine
Lacquered furniture and mirrored pieces are definitely your friend and it’s the final key element in the Hollywood Regency style. Hollywood Regency has a very feminine style with sleek lines and ornate accents. If you’re not willing to shell out a small fortune, try to find a bargain on Ebay, Craigslist, or even your local Goodwill then use a little elbow grease to paint your new purchase.

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FRUGAL TIP: If you’re shopping for furniture, try going to Goodwill in a more affluent area first. Rich people throw out the best furniture. On the West coast try Redondo Beach near Los Angeles or if you’re on the East Coast try the Hamptons near New York City to bargain shop.

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