How to Choose a Rug for a NYC Apartment

Followed closely by 24-hour doormen and proximity to Zabars, wood floors are still the number one amenity for Manhattan apartments. But more often than not, wood floors lack the coziness that many New Yorkers desire and choosing a great rug can make your piece of the Big Apple feel like a slice of heaven. Here are six inspired tips to choosing a rug for your New York City apartment.

1. Evaluating Your Space
Everything that looks small in the showroom is positively huge in a West Village studio apartment. Save yourself a headache by measuring the space in your apartment with a tape measure and snapping a few photos to show your salesperson.

2. Choosing a Size
Evaluate the high traffic areas of your home and choose a rug that is slightly smaller than your focal point or the largest piece of furniture. Not only will it create a welcoming space, but also keep you from overspending on extra rug area that’s covered by a couch.

3. Go Natural
Natural is better when it comes to choosing any rug for your home. Despite being more durable, synthetic rugs are made with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful to your family and pets. For peace of mind and something easier on your pocketbook, try a rug that’s made from cotton, wool, or natural plant fibers.

4. Choosing a Color
The worst thing a person can do is say, “I need a rug that will match my couch.” No matter what the price, a rug is a major purchase because a high-quality model will be in your home for decades versus your couch you will replace three or four times in your lifetime. Your apartment and furniture may change, but your rug will be with you forever. Choose a rug that is versatile so that it will work with your decor as your tastes change.

5. Choosing a Shape
Traditionally, the classic square and rectangular shaped rug is the way to go for many people, but if you feel like taking a walk on the wild side try a circular or irregular model.

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