Felt Flower Pom Poms

I’ve always loved a good craft night, but a lot of my friends aren’t quite so handy. Enter felt pom pom flowers. They’re easy to make… even when you’ve been drinking and can be used as a decorative item on anything from headbands to jewelry. I’ve included a pattern in the post that you can print to help you on your project. Enjoy!

9″ x 12″ square of colored felt fabric
sewing needle
8″ inches of jute twine or ribbon

1. Using the pattern on on the left, cut out seven to nine felt circles with your pair of scissors.

2. Thread your thread through your sewing needle then find the center of one of your felt circle. Pull your thread through the middle of your felt circle.

3. Fold your felt circle in half then in quarters leaving your felt circle at a point with the thread pulling through. Fold over your ribbon in half and secure to the point edge of your felt circle.

4. Fold a second felt circle of equal size in the same manner into a quarter-folded pyramid.

5. Force your needle through the second felt circle so that the points on both your first and second circle connect. Secure your circles to each other then cut the thread.

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