DIY Miniature Greenhouse Terrarium Centerpiece

In a partnership that marries fine art and horticulture, Victorian-era terrariums are the height of fashion for diy enthusiasts and crafters alike. These miniature indoor gardens can romantic alternative to traditional wedding centerpieces or green oasis in a cramped New York City apartment.

The practice of keeping terrariums began in 1829 with Londoner Nathaniel Ward discovered that the fern he had been growing in a glass jar–away from the polluted city air–was flourishing. This was at the same time when Europeans were discovering the world for the first time and needed an innovative way to tropical plants home on long sea voyages with limited fresh water.

Terrariums need very little maintenence and are a perfect for anyone people who lack a green thumb. From interesting containers to miniatures, the possibilities for today’s terrariums are endless. Try putting your own spin on a terrarium by following the basic directions that I’ve outlined below or make a purchase from my personal favorite Rachelthebish whose beautiful terrariums are featured on my blog.

Glass container
Selection of succulent plants
Potting plants
Moss or moss slurry (optional)
Gravel or sea glass, about a 1/2 cup for every square foot
Clean potting soil
Decorations (optional)

1. Fill the bottom of your container with gravel or sea glass until it is at least 3/4″ inch deep.

2. Layer your clean potting soil on top of your gravel so that it is team enough to support your plants, but shallow enough for the roots to touch the gravel.

3. Arrange your succulents in your terrarium. It helps to plan out your design in advance, but there’s no harm in placing your plants in right away.

4. If you would like to add moss to your terrarium, either press the moss around the plants at the exposed dirt or follow the directions that I’ve added to grow moss in for the moss slurry .

5. Spray your plants lightly with water and keep your container in a well lit room.

Trouble finding materials? Try making a purchase from any of the featured shops listed below for your succulent and container needs.

Featured Shops & Designers:

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