Tutorial: Tiffany Blue Ombre Wood Bead Grosgrain Necklace

Chic, sophisticated wood bead necklace perfect for your summer wedding.

The best crafts come from something that’s unexpected and that’s certainly the case with this Tiffany Blue Ombre Wood Bead Grosgrain Necklace that I made. Less formal than a pearl necklace, but still sophisticated this fine piece of homemade jewelry can be perfectly paired with a lace dress for a casual summer wedding. Want to learn how to make one too? Here’s the tutorial below:


8 1″ inch Wood Beads
  • 1 yard of gross grain ribbon
  • 12″ inches of hemp rope
2 half-inch jump rings
  • Matte Acrylic Paint, white and pastel blue


  • Small Paint Brush
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape


1. Separate your beads into four groups. You’ll be painting two white, two your primary color, two your secondary color, and two your tertiary color.

2. Then on a clean work area, paint two  of your beads with your darkest primary color. Add white to your paint for a secondary color then more white for your tertiary color. It’s much easier to work darkest to lightest so keep that in mind while you’re painting your beads. Paint the final two beads a plain white.

3. Tie your length of hemp rope to your jump ring, securing it with glue. Allow it to dry.

4. Wrap the other end of your hemp with tape so that you’ll be able to easily thread your wood beads from darkest to lightest.

5. After you’ve threaded your beads, tie the second jump ring to your necklace and secure with hot glue.

5. Attach your grosgrain ribbon to your jump ring. Add a bit of glue to your ribbon, then secure it using your needle and thread. Repeat on the other side.

6. Your necklace should be a complete circle. Have a look at your necklace then measure about two-thirds of the length of ribbon to make a cut.

7. Tie a bow on that side and secure it with a bit of glue.

8. Clip the the ends.

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