Best Gay Clubs (for Straight Girls) in New York City

Industry Bar, New York City

Any single girl in New York knows that sometimes the only man in her life is the (fabulous) gay man in her life. Before you get dumped for his Grindr date because you’d rather watch episodes of PBS’s “Downtown Abbey” with a plate of Ollie’s pork fried rice, throw on your dancing shoes and your best dress, and take him to one of these great hag-friendly gay bars.

The Boiler Room, East Village
More lounge than dive bar, The Boiler Room in the East Village is a great place to grab a drink and dance (in place) like a slut. The night starts at 9 o’clock and party doesn’t stop until 4 a.m., but with well drinks a paltry $4 a pop you’ll be packing it in well before then. It’s a wall-to-wall snausage fest which should make your man happy, but beware ladies wear shoes you don’t care about. If you lose him in the crowd to the hipster be prepared to stand in the corner with the rest of the “boobs.”

Industry Bar, Midtown
As dance clubs go, Industry is the best in the city and it’s clear choice for all of the best “talent” in the city. Ever wonder where Lady Gaga gets her backup dancers? You can find a lot of them here. The men here are beautiful, but the atmosphere is unpretentious. It’s a cavernous club with plenty of room on the dance floor and very little real estate at the bar. If you want to dance and don’t mind not getting drink, end your night here.

The Ritz, Midtown
In another life, The Ritz in midtown would have been bath house. Every Friday and Saturday night it’s packed to the gills with people who dance the night away to the best pop, 80s, euro, and hip-hop music available. Leave your labels and fancy duds at home because whatever you bring will end up soaking wet by the end of the night.

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