Ashton Eaton, decathalete

God Bless America! London Olympics ‘Hottie Watch’ 2012

Giuseppe Lazone, Rowing

 Alright, I’ll confess it: I’m a bad American. Yes, I know all the words to the “Star Spangled Banner” and I know whose face is on the twenty dollar bill, but I have never once had any interest in the Summer Olympics.  Seriously, when did people decide that table tennis was a sport? Why give medals for equestrian when the horse does all the work? I didn’t watch Michael Phelps win the gold in swimming for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. I had even less interest Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoopes, and the U.S. women’s basketball team bringing home gold in the 2002 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. 

Race Imboden, Men’s Foil

So when the 2012 Summer Olympics start on July 27th in London, I pretty much planned to watch a marathon of all five seasons of “The Wire.” That was until today, when I spied a photo of U.S. Rowing Team member Giuseppe Lazone in all of his photo shopped glory modeling the new Ralph Lauren designed Olympic uniforms. Um, yes! Before you Google him, please understand that yes, I saw his gigantic Chiclets teeth and no, it’s not a deterrent. This year’s Olympics has gotten decidedly more interesting. Let the games begin!

Check out my photo gallery of Giuseppe and other Olympic hotties to watch this summer’s Olympic Games.

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